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Saturday, November 12, 2005

And if it dies, so do they!!

4 pm - I just entered the univerity library, books in one hand, bottle of water in another, and a smile on my face. So far, the day has been great, and for once, I was in the mood to study during midterm week. I found a table, quietly sat down, opened my book and started reading. I haven't even finished the first paragraphe when two girls a few tables away from me started talking, or should I say yelling to each other, laughing as loudly as they could possible can and started giving each other high fives (don't ask!)

4:05: One of those girls is now on the phone, talking and laughing even louder than she was before.

4:07: With the girl in front of me still on the phone, I hear the phone ringing from the table behind me, followed by "alooo.... HALLAAA....SHLOONICH!?!!!"

So this goes on for about 10 minutes, both the girl in front of me and behind me are on the phone, chatting away ignoring everything around them. After they're done with their important *cough* calls, they go on talking, and they were getting msgs every 2 minutes!!

I take a bathroom break, and there's a girl in the bathroom who's on the phone!

I'm going to skip the part about being quiet in the library, but this is for: PEOPLE WHO HAVE CELLPHONES PERMANENTLY ATTACHED TO THEIR EARS!

For the betterment of society as a whole, here's some things you might want to think off:

  • You do not need to automatically raise your voice when you answer your phone. The rest of the world does not need to hear every last detail, no matter how important you might find it. And YES we do know you own a cell phone, just like everyone else!
  • It is not necessary to place your cellphone in a prominent location, such as your desk in class, when you can't answer it and won't be needing it then!
  • Answering your phone while in (or worse, using) the bathroom is completely inappropriate. The person you're talking to does not want to hear the sound of a toilet flushing in the middle of their conversation!
  • As cute and amusing as you might find your ringtone, other people might not share your appreciation for its musical originality *cough* when it goes off during a lecture or in the quiet study area of the library!!
  • You don't look cool when you check your messages every two minutes!! You just look like a communication-starved obsessive compulsive teenager/person!
  • When you're out with one of your friends, do consider keeping the conversation under 30 minutes, they're there to hang out and catch up with you, not to see and hear you be on the phone with someone else!

For those people who are always on their cell phones to and from class..
ow exciting can "OHMIGOD I was just in math and now I am totally not in math." be? Doesn't it ever get boring?

Do you think the Kuwaiti society is over-using their cell phones!?

I do! In the corridors, in class waiting for the professor, in their cars, in malls, in restaurants, in the jam3eeya, whereever i go atleast 7/10 people are on their cellphones - if not talking, msging.

The other day I was in my local "mostaw9if", where I had to wait until the doctor was off his phone for him to check up on me! It's ridiculous!

Don't get me wrong, cell phones are lovely, and I would feel lost without mine... but having it stuck to your ear is just plain tacky, and sometimes just plain rude!


  • 1000000% s7 kalamech i hate it bas el moshkela ena ena sar to kill time!! BTW niec blog :)

    By Blogger Mr.Tea, at 15/11/05 10:00 AM  

  • Hey!
    You're absoluetly right about this, but I guess the problem is more prominent in Egypt though

    I remember when i got my first cell phone, The Main reason to do so is not cos everyone is having one or if it is needed or not
    It was that i wanted to get it before the block doorman gets it before me!
    well.. You might call me stupid but i was just 15 then and cellphones was a phenomenon

    By Blogger OpeRonĀ®, at 16/11/05 5:58 PM  

  • Makes you wonder what they would do if there was a major solar storm that could cause their phones not to work? hehehe

    By Blogger christina/ohio, at 1/2/06 10:09 PM  

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