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Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Hathy likwait 9al 3ala elneby"

During a post-vacation reunion with a couple friends over brunch today the topic of the usual T.V shows during Ramadan came up. They went on and on about how lame the shows are getting and mainly how they only show an exaggerated negative view of our society. Needless to say, all of the girls besides me and this other girl, base their daily schedules around these shows. They kept on going on and on on how the view of our society changed because of that, how it's harming society, etc, etc. I forgot how exactly the conversation went on but it was something like this:

-Me saying that they complain and yet watch these shows
-They say but there's nothing else to watch
-I saw I'll be more than glad to give them all the American T.V shows I watched which they yet haven't, betting them they wouldn't be able to finish half of them before Ramadan is over
- They defend themselves by saying that they can't not watch these shows because everyone is
talking about them

And here's how I concluded people, and a good one if I may say so myself: You really should stop complaining about this every single year it's getting old. And there's always two things to do in this situation.
1) Watch it and shut up about it. - BE A PART OF THE PROBLEM
2) Don't watch it - BE PART OF THE SOLUTION

If there are no viewers they'd stop making it. Makes sense? Obviously. Easy? Very. It's not rocket science ya know!

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If you're easily offended about religion, and/or prejudice and biases that obviously exist in this country, then you should probably skip the following part:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The other part that got me boiling was a talk about a cancellation of a certain show. Normally, the censorship part would get me boiling. Today, it was how people reacted to that! They say there's this show that talks about the life of Shiats - their rituals and mainly "zawaj al muta'a". It was done in a way shock people I guess? I'm not sure. I'm sorry to say, my "friends" actually wanted that show to air for "6emasha purposes" and for ignorant pleasure of possibly insulting the other sect. None of the people I was with were Shi'at, and I have never been more ashamed of my friends and what have just been said!

I mean didn't you just say you didn't want shows that "insulted" our society? Doesn't this include that too? Or just because of a few different beliefs it made it alright? Hypocrisy beyond belief!

WTF! Honestly! Is this how low we sunk!!? No wonder we're an ignorant backwards country! THIS is what's supposed to be our youth, our "next generation", our future makers!? If what I witness was it, then our country is on it's way to being, excuse my French, a shit hole! We, my friends, are going to be another Lebanon when it comes to politics and religion. Being very touchy, allowing a single difference in something that's supposed to be totally personal between a man and his God, be something very public and insulting. Burn everything the older generation built to the ground because of ignorance box-like minds!

All that for what? Your religion!!!? Something of the most private matter!? What makes you so sure that the rituals you follow are the "right" one!? What's right and wrong? And who the hell are you to judge! Who the hell are you to claim that what you are is what God wants?! Last time I checked, God is unmeasurably "forgiving." You beleive in a God who created everything around us, a God who's capable of everything and anything; do you honestly believe he'll judge a person on small difference in rituals here and there!? Isn't God the only one who knows it all. What makes you play God and insist so rightfully that people who follow your religion is what's right. That goes to all sects and religions btw!

What' the difference between a few rituals here and there? Is that what truly matters!!? Isn't faith the bases of belief, the bases of following a certain "religion", the bases of what really matters?! Or maybe a person's good heart!? They way they treat you? Respect? General goodness in a person!? Which btw seems to be impossible to find these days!

Screw everyone who thinks like that. Honestly. I'm proud to say I'm not Sinni, I'm not Shi'it. I refuse to belong to people who keep on insisting that they're right without looking at the bigger picture. I refuse to belong to people who hate each other because they're different. I refuse to belong to people who are destroying a country that has the potential to be brilliant because of their ignorance, pride, and need to be right. That does not mean you are, just means you're an idiot!

I know that it's not the people who I'll be belonging to, but a faith. But, to me, faith in those people have been lost. If that's what having faith to certain "rituals" (not even religion or faith or God) does to people, then I don't want it!

And besides, doesn't "Islam" mean peace? Where is the peace?! Doesn't it frown upon ridiculing other people and not forcing others to believe in what you do? "Lakom deenakom wa ly deeny?"

Also something to think about. This may come out as a bit bold. But as far as I'm aware, this whole sect thing did not exist the time the prophet was alive. It's not stated in the Quran not the Hadeeth. In a nutshell, no one will ever know who's "right" or "better" or whatever the hell it is people compare and judge on.

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What happened to youth's dreams of a better tomorrow?
What happened to youth's ambitions of idealism!?
What happen to youth's promise not to fall into the ignorance of the older generations!?
What happened to youth's will to change for the better!?
What happened to youth's desire for a stronger united nation!?

What happened to all the hopes, dreams, and ambitions that youth are supposed to have for a better tomorrow!!?

Words cannot seem to describe how FURIOUS I was this morning. And how much more I am while writing this as the actual realization of the mind corruption of Kuwait's next generation and the hopelessness of how the situation seems.

"Society make a weakness of kindness, and an insult of freedom"


  • not all is lost when we have people who think like you :)

    By Blogger eshda3wa, at 13/9/07 1:53 AM  

  • I like your breakdown, you either watch or don’t!! however I don’t think government funded programs really care about viewers as much as getting the show produced that they care about.

    Hello! It’s a shithole already

    I think mankind needed a revelation to follow the path for god, one cannot find such path without a revelation, one mind can mislead.

    Islam means submission to the will of god

    you have raised many issues difficult to tackle

    i have hope :)

    By Blogger error, at 13/9/07 2:24 AM  

  • I'm with error on this. Many issues here and I think there is hope. Sure it sucks right now, but in the future enshalla things will get better. 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years. Doesn't matter.

    Also, I don't believe in the sects. They are not "one" and the "other". But they are (mis)conceptions of a single reality. A muslims is a muslim. That is all.

    By Blogger N., at 13/9/07 10:15 AM  

  • Totally agree with you dear.. I don't like people who look are each other in terms of religion, colour or country. You just look at the person for who he is, his other beliefs is personal, not ours to judge. I have always been saying that. The problem with many muslims is " Look she's black" or "Look that's jewish or christian or hindu or whatever".. I HATE that and I hate it when they walk in a foreign country and are like " They treat us like this because we are muslims or because we are wearing Hijab" .. Well, I wear wear Hijab and I don't LOOK at people when I am away lol people say I am naive but well, I see people in a certain way and I think they see me in the same way. I know some may not but WHO cares!!!
    Sorry seems like I spoke too much lol!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13/9/07 12:24 PM  

  • Regarding the show that was canceled on MBC:
    I haven't seen it so cannot pass judgment. I don't know how the subject matter of zawaj muta'a was handled and portrayed.

    However, I think it is time that the problems surrounding the concept of zawaj muta'a and the consequences of its practice should be examined and discussed.

    Does this form of temporary marriage really safeguard a woman's rights ? Shouldn't we be examining the practice from an analytical veiwpoint?

    By Blogger Jewaira, at 14/9/07 1:57 PM  

  • on the 1st part of your post: i watched 5 episodes of entourage today :)
    so i guess i'm part of the solution ;)

    By Blogger Joud, at 15/9/07 2:10 AM  

  • eshda3wa: lol I'm flattered. Thanks! ;P

    Error: Are they really government funded? If so how come none of them are being aired on our governments channel? That gives me even more reason to bash the government for not putting respectable standards :P
    I have hope, but sometimes you can't help losing it for a bit.

    n: Yup, exactly. A Muslim is a Muslim. Actually, I prefer, we're all human cause I don't trust some people not to out non-muslims in that case :P

    shayouma: Yup :)

    jewaira: It's not being for/against it and it's not the fact that the issue was brought up. It was HOW it was brought up and the intentions behind it. I read the script, it was more insulting than insightful.
    It was anything but analytical.

    Joud: lol Yup! ;)

    By Blogger dishevelled, at 15/9/07 4:20 AM  

  • jewaira: Also, I read the script after posting this. It was not the show I had the bigger problem with. It was the way the girls reacted to that. Wanting the insult. No matter what topic it was, it's not the most respectable reaction you'd expect. I hoped girls here had better character than that.

    By Blogger dishevelled, at 15/9/07 4:35 AM  

  • I definitely agree with you! don't watch or just watch the useful shows like Al-Kashaf and the shows that have old Amthal...

    As for the whole "sect" thing, I think that all that matters is that we're all muslims, we all believe in Allah, we all believe in Prophet Mohammed and i think that's that! That's all we have to say bil shahadetain!

    And cancelling the show was part of the solution, we don't need anymore people showing off the "problems" of a country and portraying any women from any sect, any country or any religion as prostitutes who'd get married the "mut3a" way in exchange for money and temporary company.. that script was embarassing enough to read, let alone see an actress dressed like God-knows-what acting like God-knows-what... blekh

    By Blogger Swair., at 15/9/07 9:41 PM  

  • about the first part:
    I don't believe useless, meaningless TV shows are a problem, it's just a waste of time and money and it's sad that production companies are wasting valuable amount of many on something they call "Art" when it's merely exaggerated "drama"!

    the second part:
    I thought cancelling that show was wrong! censorship is something I don't believe in no matter what! if that show "supposedly" have insulted the "Shia sect"..well we haven't seen it yet, how could you tell?
    and beside everyone is entitled to their opinion. shia and sunni are already in a "disagreement", what difference would that show "add"?

    and I agree with you! people are so attached to the idea of who's right and who's wrong! you just have to live your life they way you think is right. follow the God and the sector you think is right, and don't judge other and declare them "infideles" or "misguided"

    it's not your job anyway!

    By Blogger Noufa, at 17/9/07 5:28 AM  

  • This subject and those people irritate me. I'm with you ..you either watch it and shurrup ... or don't. Well ... me ..I watch it and I LOVE it. I'm actually having fun. I'm not looking to learn something in life or a lesson.. I wanna watch something thats unusual and very "jaree2" ..thats whats fun to me.

    And I know all these people including ur friends watch and LOVE those mosalsalaat ..they just say what the media say 3ashan bs they sound smart and worried about our culture. wel daleel enna as u said they still wanted to see "lelkha6aya thiman" while they'd just complained about mosalsalaat tshawih el culture!

    I would really wanna say SHURRUP to everyone like that. But I'd rather not talk about it or even open the subject with anyone. I just watch and LOVE. :D

    By Blogger G.Q.™, at 20/9/07 1:55 PM  

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