Outspoken Nothingness

Friday, June 22, 2007


* It's 5:10 am, and this is the 6th day I'm attempting to fix my sleeping habits, so I'll just wait for the movie Sou says is amazing, which gives means I still have another 3 hours to waste, about 2 to watch the movie, and then ey9eer khair .. I'll have to find things to keep me busy so I won't sleep until late tonight

*Speaking off.... what on earth do people do when they wake up early!!? For some reason I can't seem to able to do anything before 12 pm except go to classes. I thought of going out, but every where's closed before 10, and I'm kinda bored of everywhere already even though I don't go out much, doesn't make much sense? I know... But ya, maybe I made it a habit that from 6am-12 pm is dead hour to me :P

* I need movie recommendations!

* (yawn)

* I'm so glad the consecutive wedding days are over! They over did it this year...

* Is it just me or is styling your hair and getting your makeup done professionally costly!? I never realized that until these two weeks, every time I take my wallet out to pay for something I notice I'm already going broke, by the day!

* Speaking of! Do any of you girls know a place that are good at hair curling ("fair")?

* On the topic of hair, I'm going bald! :( Does anyone know something that helps with hair loss and growth? And please don't recommend the garlic treatment, I tried that it was a TOTAL nightmare, and i didn't even grow any hair...

* Johnny rockets, burger Boutique, slider station, burger hub, burger company, burger bar... Seriously enough burger places, think of something new already! Does anyone know any unusual yet suitable restaurants such as Moroccan or Jamaican, or madreee... bas you get the point :P

* I do NOTHING all day, and yet it seems like there aren't enough hours in the day

* I accidentally stepped on and broke a C.D that installs my printer, it's installed now, but for future use, what can be done? I don't have to get a new printer do I?

* I'm downloading the last episode of this season's One Tree Hill, I don't want it to end! :( I've been addicted to that show its as if I know these people and now they're leaving me! Yes, I tend to get "too" into these shows sometimes :P

* Yes I realize this is very random and very long, but I still have more time on my hands :P

* It's annoying (blessing?) that I crave food between the hours of 11 pm - 5 am, when I can't do anything about those cravings

* Meryam Fares's "Nadeny" has been playing in my mind for the past two days

* Okay anyone reading this and doesn't have anything to comment about, say something random :P