Outspoken Nothingness

Monday, October 15, 2007

"I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man."

Dear QualityNet,
I tried accessing www.deviantart.com tonight but all I got was this lousy picture saying I was denied access. I find that rude, insulting and a rip off by your company.
First of all, being a young adult I believe I'm more than capable, and should have the full right to choose what I'd like to view without your not-so-kind approval! Spare me the "children also have access to those sites as well" reason because frankly, it's none of my business. I believe it's the parent's job to censor, not yours. I find it rude that you believe you're more capable of doing a parent's job that the parent's themselves.
Secondly, I believe when I paid for your service, it was to get internet, not for you to choose what I can and cannot do. I don't believe I'm getting the service I deserve as a customer. I'm aware our country demands some sort of censorship, but you have gone way overboard.
Regarding deviantart specifically, I find blocking it very unnecessary and uncalled for. It's an art website. Sexual-containing content is not viewed unless a user is logged in to their deviantart account (and I highly doubt many children will have one.) Needless to say, it's only an ART site! Last time I checked, knowledge of art is considered an education.
Seeing the material being blocked day after day, I believe this censorship issue is a hopeless case, so how about I help you be as ignorant as you hope to be!?
The study of the human's anatomy may involve some nudity, block that as well. Why don't you block anything that has to do with biology while you're at it?
Then there's all the arts, performance, paintings etc.- God forbid an image on my computer screen will encourage me to rape the first moving thing in front of me. Because deprivation has proved to work like magic in our society.
Oh yes, music, block that too, you know, they say it's "haram" and may take me away from fulfilling my "duties" as a "devout" Muslim (assuming everyone is a Muslim because it's a sin if someone does not follow your faith)
How can we forget the news, articles, blogs, or works on fiction online? Indulging in a good read that's not written by Arabs with biased views that portray some truth about the world we're living in is a sin because it defies YOUR belief and image of how YOU WANT to be portrayed. Of course, the truth should be censored.
You have a lot to censor. Chop chop! Get to work. Note: I hope you realize the sarcasm beyond the fourth paragraph!

- A very unhappy customer.


Seriously, this whole censorship thing has been taken way overboard. Can't we do something about this!? What can we do!? Who's really responsible and to what degree are they responsible? Should we blame the Internet companies for this, or our government or so-called Parliament!? And they say we're a democratic nation. Ha! Where's the say of the more liberal Kuwait? How come the liberal voice is always the quieter one? How come people keep on falling for everything that follows "our religion..". When will be stop being idle and take these idiotic "laws" these money-thirsty pseudo-religious people are forcing on us!? When will ENOUGH be ENOUGH!!? I don't know whether I should be laughing or crying about this anymore.

"You have not converted a man because you have silenced him." -John Morley

"Censorship reflects society's lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime." - Potter Stewart

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

& The People Said in Unision, "BaaaaH!"...

Besides all the media fuss about, a couple of friends told me about it. One of my friends doesn't even read unless she was forced to by a class. She read some of the "good" books outthere, and yet she thought it was utterly boring. But when she told me she read this book, was moved by it and thought it was life-changing, that's when I decided, I MUST read this book. And so I did!

THIS is what all the fuss was out?! THIS is what millions of people were touched by, moved and had a life-changing experience!?

Besides the fact that Mrs. Ronda has been accused of plagiarism, I personally felt she took bits and pieces from other self help books, pushed it a bit, and viola! A Secret. Which is a stupid name btw, because there's nothing secretive about it. But that's besides the point. Sure, thinking positively and being optimistic is great. But actually believing that wishful thinking is going to get you the physical thing!? I'm sorry but I've had a LOT of wishful thinkings, but not working to attain them is NOT going to get you what you want. I mean honestly, a guy wants to be rich, dreams about it, and suddenly he gets anonymous checks by mail!? Or if I'd like to fix my eyesight, all I'd have to do is think positively and think hard about it!? If it were that simple perhaps we'd have no use of doctors, or gain nothing out of working. Perhaps the concept or "earning" should be erased. Perhaps the poor souls in South East Asia thought very hard about being in an economically poor, politically curropt country that faces disasterous natural disaster where thousands of them die yearly, where families are lost, etc, etc. Yes, perhaps these unfortunate people thought about that and brought it upon themselves.


What I'm most surprised about though is all the people who actually believe in it! I mean seriously.... how can anyone find logic or truth is that!?

Mrs. Ronda, if there's something I got out of the book (besides wasting a good 2 hours) is this:
You have insulted my intelligence, and you confirmed two things; people are sheep to be believing in this nones-ense you called your book, and second is Einsteins saying: "Two things in the world are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the former"

* I know everyone says the movie is so much better. Maybe it was more successful in capturing the audience, since the book was very repetitive and could have been writing in like... a paragraph! But I'm pretty sure the concept she's trying to present is the same, hence, rubbish. But like a friend of mine told me, "know your enemy" - so I'll be getting acquainted with it sometime this week :P