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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's That Time of Year...

It's that time of the year when all our projects are due....

My major requires us to apply EVERYTHING we learned all year, sometimes incorporating prerequisite subjects, on real companies/systems. So all year we go to that company to collect all the data we require. At the end of the semester, now, we put everything together and try to make sense of it. It's this time of the year thats MOST hectic. The seemingly never-ending problems makes group members want to rip each other's hairs out. Data are either not validated with the real system, or it's inaccurate, or missing. We get stuck mid-project with what seems like gibberish. And the worst kind of problem, the one we faced the past four days, modeling and simulating the system. There's no making up information, there's so skipping some parts... there's absolutely no way of disguising the fact that something just wasn't right. Everything is shown visually and statistically. As much as I hate it... as much as it stresses me our beyond belief... as much as it makes me hate my colleagues... as much as it makes me tired from spending 12 hours at uni. for a whole week, trying and trying... there's something about me that absolutely loves it!! I can't really touch on what I LOVE about it... but at the end of it.. it always makes me feel good. Not the typical, I understand, like the subject got an A feel good. It's different genuine kind of feel good.

My project is due in 11 hours, all the analyzing/written part still needs to be done, and here I am blogging, although I really do, and although I'm supposed to be very stressed because I have another couple of projects to work alongside finals all in a week, there's this goody feeling inside of me....seeeeee.... a genuine type of feel good. Ga9ib =P

Yes, Ma 3indi salfa all along =)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kuwaiti Nostalgia =)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Voting Results So Far....

I know it's still VERY early to decide,
but from what I'm seeing so far... me no likey the results of the votes =(

UPDATE: Hours later, and i still no likey the results!!! I can honestly say I lost hope with the majority of Kuwaiti people. If they're not voting for people of their same clan (which the results CLEARLY show), and when they're not, they're voting for someone from their same sect. And then they vote for those with big names and bigger bank accounts. I honestly cannot comprehend how a lot of those people are getting those amounts of votes. And I certainly cannot comprehend how AlKhurafi, AlGhanim, and Haytham Al Shaya' can all be in the top 10 all night even though AlKhurafi has been proved to cause more damage than good, AlGhanim, well I didn't really think his presence made any difference, and from what I heard, Haytham Al Shaya's speech was disasterous!!! I'm also dissapointed AlSadoun is almost tenth place in his district. Occupying the first places are mulla dudes. Walla shakilna hal sina we'll have a VERY conservative parliment, and I am NOT happy, not happy at all!!! :/ I hope there's some kinda miracle that would change these results drastically!