Outspoken Nothingness

Friday, September 08, 2006

Scribblings of an Amateur

- A Forbidden Path -

Naive I was scared and insecure
Their ignorance was once my own
You came along, revilled my senses
So I took your hand and
Tread upon a forbidden path

I bid farewell to my once sullen heart
Now a kindled spirit
New hopes and dreams
A dwelling I found
As I tread upon the forbidden path

Eternity in your eyes
My heart - a blazing sun of love
Vivacious avid soul
True bliss I endowed
As I tread along a forbidden path

Forbidden I learned
Only because unknown
Prisoners of fear and ostracized terrain
Chauvistic beings missing the beauty of
Treading along the forbidden path

Stop building a barricade
Youths of animosity
Stop creating excuses and stories
To fill your own egos, your insecurities
Tread upon an un-known path

- un-named -

Once my room's door close
The real story of me unfolds
Gone is my smile, my cheerful tone
Awaken are all my hurts, all my wounds
Inside me all my truths reside
A sad young girl, an injured soul, a fractured heart
Does anyone hear my cries?
Will anybody care?
Or will they just judge and stare?

I realize the first one is very vague, but it has personal meanings. The second is incomplete. They're both rough drafts, which I'm probably going to keep as such. I just had an urge to write although I don't really "write."

Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Yo, Rugman! Haven't Seen You in a Few Millennia. Give Me Some Tassel!"

I've been trying to find Aladdin for a while now in Kuwait, and everywhere I go they tell me it's been banned and I won't find it anywhere. I finally found a pirated copy.

Question is:
Why the hell is Aladdin banned!!?
It's undoubtly one of the best cartoons out there. I'm still trying to figuring out what might have been offensive, but I still can't think of anything. Any ideas?

I watched it a couple days ago when I got it, and I'm rewatching it right now for the third time. Kids these days are missing A LOT I'm telling you. Seriously, pokemon, hoodwinked, and whatever cartoons are out there don't even come close. Sure there are a few good ones, but nothing like the ones in what I call Disney's "Golden Age": Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King, Hunchback of Notredame, Beauty and the Beast, etc.

The old cartoons characters had so much character :P I mean, they were all very defined, very memorible. Peter pan, the boy who didn't want to grow up, Ariel ( from The Little Mermaid) who wanted to belong in another world, etc.

Each cartoon had a different, unique setting. One in a nonexisting world, one under the sea, one in Arabia, another in the forest. You really get the "feel" of it.

The songs:
Oh my god, the songs! Where do I begin with the songs!? The music, the words, the voices! They older cartoons songs were perfect! After all these years I still listen to them without getting bored of them. And in every song there's something that just hits home. Yes, I have most of the songs on my ipod and listen to them quiet often :P

Maybe I just grew up, but I tried looking at it from a kids point of view: In the new cartoon's/movies, I can predict what's gonna happen. They're sorta all the same. Ya know? When I was watching Aladdin, trying to see from a kids point of view, I thought I wouldn't have guessing a genie would come out of the magic lamp when he rubbed it. Or that he was gonna get caught in the market place with the princess (since he always managed to get away). Is it true, or am I just older? :P

Now I don't really understand much about graphics and all that techno-jibberish, BUUUT I honestly, sincerly believe, those cartoon graphics are much nicer than the new advanced one. Something about it's simplicity is just so capturing! Yes, yes, you may laugh. My friends laugh at me when I say I prefer the graphics of the good old 80's and 90's than the ones today. What can I say, I embrace simplicity too much :P

Really, anyone who hasn't watched Aladdin in a while, watch it! Use the subtitles, and sing along! :)


1) Any idea to why Aladdin is banned!? Is it only in Kuwait or in other neighboring countries as well?

2) What's your favorite Disney cartoon?
Personally , I can't choose only one. I love them ALL! :)

3) What Disney character do you relate to the most?
Probably, Ariel, from the Little Mermaid; a part of me feels like I don't belong. I'm also as curious as she is. And Peter Pan. What can I say, always gonna be a kid at heart :)

4) Every guy friend I talked to about Aladdin mention that they used to have a crush on Princess Jasmine. Is that true for all guys? :P Girls, had any crush on any disney cartoon character?
I can't remember having any :P I was more into the real people like Jonathan Brandis, Jonathan Jackon and JTT. Aaah the good old days, when kids looked so decent and innocent.