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Friday, July 14, 2006

Enough is Enough!!

Governments of the world - LISTEN to your people's pleas!

We've had enough of YOUR greed and YOUR ignorance!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We did it! We did it! We're #1!

Okay, so I'm pretty sure your average Jo - hell even an illiterate person -can tell this sign says "NO PARKING" - as in it's against the law to park. Not a recommendation, not a suggestion, but absolutely, cannot, must not park there.

I just read
this after seeing the link in Mark's blog. I don't know whether I should be surprised, shocked, be crying or laughing.

How can Kuwait land right on top of that list? What's even worse is that people who represented the entire Kuwaiti population and country were Kuwaiti DIPLOMATS (aka. someone above your average Jo and they're certainly not illiterate or incompetent.) I mean in regular cases you'd be happy that you'd be represented only by diplomats who were fitted enough to be in NYC. That should be a good thing right? I mean they're educated, they know how to deal with people in a civil manner, they're professional and they should know the law better than, again, the average Jo. Right?

Hell no! Kuwaiti Diplomats kick it Kuwaiti style too baby! We're above the law! It's not that these rules and signs were made for OUR well-being! Nope! They're simply there for decorating (I'm holding myself from venting on how people with two walking-able legs park in the disabled parking spot).

So besides these people being diplomats, take a look at the other countries on that list. We use some of these countries as an example of corrupted countries here (read, Egypt)! If that's not bad enough, some of these countries have civil unrest and wars in their countries! There's famine, starvation, poverty, and diseases galore!

There's an official statistical measure of corruption called the Corruption Perception Index (
click here for more.) According to the 2005 survey Kuwait held the 45th position (population: 2 million) from 159 countries, Egypt 70th along with a few others (population: 74 million), Sudan 144th (population: 37 million), and Chad is considered to be the most corrupted country (population 9 million). Shouldn't it be that since we're a small country, it should be quiet easy to see those distinguished and fit to represent the country? Now for the love of God, how come our diplomats turned out to be the worst if they didn't come from the worst if you get what I mean? They actually managed to get 100 more violations per diplomat than the second worst.

When, and will we, ever learn that the world does not belong to us and that we can't live in it as though we're the only ones? Will we ever learn that the law is the law and that breaking them, or not following them is one of the major reasons we're a third world country?

You know when you're not sure of wether to be angry, shocked, surprised, dissapointed, laughing, or even crying about plain arrogance and ignorance? Or feel all at the same time? Yeah, kickin' it Kuwaiti Style usually does that ;P What a shame...