Outspoken Nothingness

Saturday, July 23, 2005

My Shadow

A Black Hole
Never-ending Turmoil, pulling and sucking everything in
So dark my world
No light, no ending, no rebound
No hope, no reverie
Simply Despair

The longing, the desire, My foolish yearns
Never fulfilled
Never a touch of a hand, or an understanding nod
Never felt a beating heart

So lonely, so lonesome, and completely alone
Dejection, Depression, Desperation
Misery, my only loyal Friend
So cold, so helpless
So lost - aimlessly wandering

My Bleeding Heart
My Hollow soul
My feelings so numb and dead

My life, simply a Black Hole
I'm falling, so quickly, on my way down,
Slowly fading away into sheer Nothingness
Knocking so hard on Death's door
Shunned away by Life, not even Death is letting me in

I'm reaching out, I'm calling, I'm crying for Help
Only a touch of a hand
Only an understand nod
Only for a beating heart